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Many Remedies Available for Erectile Dysfunction

Male impotence, which is more commonly referred to as erectile dysfunction, is a common topic of discussion of todayís lifestyle. More men than ever are suffering from this malfunction of the male anatomy, for reasons that continue to elude us. Erectile dysfunction is no longer a problem solely for older men; many younger men suffer from it as well. The good news is a trip to your physician can have you back to normal with the proper treatment.

Any man who cannot achieve or maintain an erection that would enable him to engage in satisfactory sexual relations is said to be suffering from Erectile dysfunction. This problem is known to affect men in their 60ís but it can also affect men in early age. Physiological reasons for this problem could be illness or injury and psychological problems such as depression can all be determining factors for Erectile dysfunction. Stress can also be a factor when it comes to Impotence. When a man is stressed out and canít concentrate on sex, his ability to have an erection can be effected by the lack of concentration caused by sex.

A large number of men will find discussing Erectile dysfunction embarrassing and uncomfortable. Once past this roadblock a discussion with your physician will bring you to the realization that there a number of things that can be done in the form of treatment. There are a number of FDA approved drugs and as with most drugs; they are not without their side effects. There may be other prescription drugs that you are taking for other medical reasons that will make you a poor candidate for erectile function drugs. The worst side effect to taking oral medications for Impotence is you could possibly have an erection for more than 24 hours. Medical authorities should be contacted immediately if you experience an erection lasting more than 24 hours.

There are also a number of men who will attest to healing effects of herbal products. These too are not without side effects. They can interfere with drugs that you are already taking. Being that herbs are not FDA approved or tested, there is no way for anyone to know how much or how little of these products are to be taken. Any OTC use should always be discussed with your doctor.

If all else should fail and your trials with medications and herbs have not reached fruition, there are penis pumps or Erectile dysfunction pumps to help overcome your Impotence. These devices are not difficult to use, an acrylic tube is placed over the penis and a hand held pumping device will draw the air out of the tube. This action allows blood flow to the erectile tissue resulting in erection. A constriction ring is then slipped over the penis to its base to maintain the erection and the acrylic tube is removed allowing for sexual intercourse. There are no side effects to using the ed pumps, the only thing that could go wrong is the pump malfunction while you are using it.

So if you are having trouble getting or maintaining an erection see your physician today.


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