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The Causes and Treatments of Male Impotence

More and more, the problem of male impotence is reaching disproportionate numbers. The causes are becoming more easily diagnosed although there are occasions where no cause can be found.

Medications taken internally have a direct effect on Impotence. Anti-depressant and blood pressure medications are the main culprits. On the market today, eight of the twelve most commonly prescribed drugs have the side effect of male Impotence. Illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine can also render a man with erectile dysfunction.

Neurological disorders such as spinal cord and brain injury can interfere with erectile function. Vascular diseases which impair blood flow to the penis and hormonal disorders such as too low or high testosterone levels or pituitary gland tumors are found on the list of culprits.

Some causes of male Impotence can be reversed as in the case of oral medications. Other medical causes can be treated with surgery while some surgeries are known to induce the circumstance of male Impotence. Testosterone levels can be managed but most other treatments for erectile dysfunctions are temporary and do not treat the underlying condition. Instead they enable a man to maintain an erection only long enough to perform the sexual act and he is still unable to acquire an erection on his own.

Although we are all aware that all oral medications have side effects the ones listed for drugs to treat male Impotence are significant and scary. A few of he more serious side effects are vision loss; hearing loss; chest pain that radiates to your arm or jaw; seizures, and swelling of the extremities. Sexual activity is extremely important to the male, but what price is he willing to pay?

A completely natural solution is a penis pump referred to as the Osbon Erecaid. This ed pump has become widely used by many men and the performance is now highly recommended. This ed pump is over 90% effective and its ease of use makes it a viable option. A vacuum cylinder is placed over the penis and a pump is used that removes air from the cylinder causing the penis to become erect. A tension ring is slid over the penis to maintain the erection and the vacuum cylinder is then removed. Nothing could be easier!

The Osbon Erecaid is drug free. The Osbon Erecaid provides immediate results. Requiring no surgery and being drug free the Osbon Erecaid is free of side effects. Not only is the Osbon Erecaid easy to use it is affordable and often covered by Medicare and other insurances.

The Obson Erecaid can be used with a hand pump or can be battery operated. Its ease of use is phenomenal but if you should be leery of using the device the first few times, a video is available.

Once you have used the Obson Erecaid system, you will find it unparalleled to other penis pumps. Make the Obson Erecaid your choice today.


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