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End a Lack of Desire in ED Patients

While erectile dysfunction (ED) is not always impotence, it can, nevertheless, be upsetting to a relationship. Because it is a complex process, the failure to achieve a sustainable erection can have many causes. Lack of desire, is a fairly common complaint among otherwise happily married men. If a medical explanation can be ruled out, determining the cause of Erectile dysfunction will require study of other aspects of a manís life. Stress, fatigue, and high alcohol intake can hinder a manís sexual response. Depression and emotional trauma can also cause Erectile dysfunction. Some men, dealing with work problems or financial difficulties, may deplete their sexual energy, leaving them disinterested in spite of their wivesí best attempts at intimacy.

Another possible cause of Erectile dysfunction is breakdown in the relationship between a man and his wife. Boredom, lack of physical attraction, and lack of imagination all contribute to a manís Erectile dysfunction. The real solution, here, will be communication and cooperation. Since there is no operatorís manual, a woman will have to get information from her man before she can attempt to fulfill his needs. If the relationship can be built up, the intimacy will come back naturally. A man might also be surprised at the effectiveness of buying provocative clothing for his wife. With patience, imagination, and effort, the fire will come back.

There are herbs and supplements that reportedly have a positive impact on this form of Erectile dysfunction. Herbal aphrodisiacs, like yohimbe, tribulus, panax ginseng, and damiana, are available through many supplement retailers. Exercise is an excellent way for a man to get back in touch with his body. It also provides an opportunity for his wife to watch him move in ways that will light her sexual fire. If sheís out of shape, watching her husband work out may inspire her to follow a fitness program herself. After all, sex and exercise are mutually beneficial. Mechanical devices like penis pumps (ED pumps) probably donít have a place in overcoming this version of Erectile dysfunction because of the danger that it might be used as a replacement for intimacy.


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